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Congrid released a Q&A list to facilitate quality management and monitoring of construction sites

Congrid has released a Q&A list to make everyday life on construction sites easier and clearer. The purpose of the Q&A list is to collect all project...

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Congrid’s comparison shows: Digital tools enhance construction site supervision

Congrid has published a guide on the role of supervisors in construction projects. The publication explains importance of construction project...

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WDBE2021 Community Session: Why we need a real-time picture of the construction site?

    The third WDBE2021 Community Session explores technologies that improve construction productivity by 20-50%. 

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Congrid publishes the first BIM software tool: “Within the next two years, every construction site employee should be...

Congrid has brought the BIM Viewer tool to the market, making it easy to browse 3D models on mobile devices.

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