Congrid announces new website launch

February 6, 2020 Congrid Congrid, safety, digitalization, quality, press release


Our primary goal throughout the website redesign process was to create value for our customers and partners with an easy way to learn about Congrid; our approach, products, culture and the people behind the brand.

Congrid’s in-house marketing has built and redesigned the new website with the following characteristics in mind: structure, user-friendliness and easy navigation. Through visiting the new website, you can read all that Congrid has to offer. Whether it’s product announcements, customer success stories or future developments, all essential information about Congrid can be found in one place. 

With the updated platform, we introduce new levels of transparency and communication in the digital age of construction. Congrid provides a single platform to handle all quality and safety management in any construction project, including tools for the entire construction lifecycle: from planning, construction to the maintenance phase. Its offering focuses on the impact of seamless collaboration, communication and overall understanding of what has been built and how it has been built – both on-site and at the office. The product portfolio consists of easy-to-use products, which manage everyday routines, reports and priorities relating to quality and safety management. The Quality-tool has products including Quality Inspections, Task List, Site Memo, Site Diary and Site Photos. The Safety-tool includes Safety Inspections, Safety Notes, Site Memo, Site Diary and Analytics. We also provide a variety of services intended for supporting the use of Congrid and the development of quality and safety management processes.

At the heart of the new website is the importance of reducing paperwork at worksites and changing the culture of the construction industry overall. The impact of improving the culture of quality and safety within the construction industry will increase trust, commitment and professional pride throughout the industry.