Congrid participates in Kuntamarkkinat

August 16, 2019 Congrid safety, digitalization, quality, press release

Congrid is exhibiting at this year's Kuntamarkkinat. Kuntamarkkinat is an event organized for the 26th time by the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities (Kuntaliitto), which brings together actors, companies and associations in the field to network and participate in current discussions.

The event is held in Helsinki between 11-12 September and includes seminars and newsflashes on current public administration issues such as digitalization, internationalization and development.

Congrid is one of the exhibitors at the event. The company provides fast and easy-to-use cloud software that makes managing and monitoring the quality and safety of a construction project easy and transparent for different parties. This will also result in a comprehensive information package to be utilized throughout the life cycle of the building.

With the help of the software, managing safety during production is straight forward as well as all process-controlled quality work and documentation are easily created on-site instead of at the site office. This will complete the work in one go and reduce the amount of rework and warranty repairs. Supervisors can spend their time on the field instead of at the site office, and project managers and supervisors can see directly from their computers how the work has progressed.

The software enables various companies and organizations to monitor quality and security in a transparent manner. The software gathers in one place all the relevant information about the different stages of building, making it accessible to different parties. Using Congrid reduces quality costs, improves safety and maximizes site productivity.

Congrid wants to serve society and taxpayers by providing the best possible tools for high quality, efficient and economic delivery of public construction projects.

Kuntamarkkinat is a great opportunity for Congrid to meet and network with industry players and participate actively in current discussions and forums. Congrid is trusted by numerous developers, cities, hospitals, construction companies, contractors and their subcontractors in the Nordic countries.

Welcome to meet us and exchange thoughts with our team at stand number S.08.