Digital solutions in the construction industry

August 14, 2019 Congrid safety, digitalization, quality, construction

The Nordic building industry is known for its excellent quality, sustainability, and high-quality architecture. This ebook is based on a Finnish University study and the industry experts’ analysed views. This ebook gives you a general understanding of the main benefits and challenges of them and useful tips for choosing the right software provider for your company.
"A notable amount of safety observations are made every day at our worksite. Without a digital platform, these observations would have never been said out loud."
- Worksite engineer

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  • Digital tools bring quality and safety management to a whole new level
  • Digital tools enhance worksite efficiency
  • Information flows
  • Digitalization as a key factor in employee engagement
  • Digitalization transforms the whole construction industry
  • Lacking digital culture and competence
  • Does the construction industry dare to change?
  • How to start digitizing your business? 

This eBook gives you a brief introduction to the main benefits and challenges of digitalization in the industry. Download the ebook here!