According to our recent research, our customers are happy to use the Congrid software. The respondents were particularly appreciative for our support, sales, software features, our eagerness to develop the software together with our customers and taking the industry forward. 

We will continue to develop Congrid's services to meet customer needs, which is why we will host our Admin Day in September. The event will include information on our future development projects, a customer workshop and the opportunity to network with other users of the Congrid software.

This year Congrid also focuses on improving the usability of its products and the overall image of quality assurance in cooperation with its customers. The goal is that construction sites are able to better monitor the quality of work throughout the whole process.

Highlights from the customer survey:

We received direct proposals from our customers, of which 14 went directly to development.

Seven out of ten respondents use the software at least a few times a week.

Eight out of ten highly appreciate the software training offered by Congrid, and 70% of the respondents found the software at the least, easy to use.

Thank you very much to all those who responded to our customer survey!

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