Bonava renews the construction industry together with Congrid

April 25, 2019 Congrid congrid, press release, collaboration, customer, technology

Bonava and Congrid have a shared will to renew and develop the entire construction industry together. Bonava has been using the Congrid application on its work sites for about two years now. 

With the application Bonava has been able to leave the old school world of paper work behind them and move into the digital world in regard to security reports, quality management and site journals.

Congrid was born out of the user need and has been developed by those who have worked in the field. At Bonava, Congrid is mainly used by supervisors and site managers. After the application has been deployed, supervisors have had more time to be present at the site while documenting quality control and observations. The information in the observations is transferred to all parties in real time and all the knowledge is then available to everyone. The mobile phone enables the latest plans and inspection forms to be carried with them by everyone, forms and reports can also be automatically documented and archived.

"Our goal is to improve the quality assurance for buildings and to increase the amount of safety observations. Then the number of errors will also decrease, and we will be able to hand over flawless homes to buyers of new Bonava homes. In this, Congrid for its part helps a lot”,  says Ilpo Peltonen, Production Manager at Bonava.

Bonava's plans to involve subcontractors more closely in quality assurance is in line with Congrid's vision of involving the whole chain of builders in quality assurance work, transparently. Technically, everything already exists. The change in the way of doing business requires an example from actors like Bonava, so that good practices become the industry standard.

“It's great to see how Bonava has already moved to the next stage of digitalisation, where the use of Congrid and quality assurance is a matter for the entire chain of builders and not just for Bonava's management. Bonava shows an example of how long-term work towards digitalisation will bring about change. Functional software by itself is not enough. Targeted leadership is also required”, says Timo Makkonen, CEO at Congrid.

Bonava has currently about twenty own building sites, with Bonava's own management, and other work done by subcontractors. In the future, our goal is also to involve the subcontractors in the construction industry so that the necessary information also moves on to the developer.

"Bonava was one of our first customers from the developer side and we are excited to see how our software has found its place as an integral part of Bonava´s quality management", says Saku Vuori, Customer Success Specialist at Congrid.

"We want to renew the construction industry and we have a long-term commitment to promoting the business. Back in the day the observations were recorded on paper. Today, with Congrid, everything is handled electronically and is much easier. Using the program is easy and making notation mistakes is minimal. All users have noticed the benefits of the application, ranging from young employees to more senior construction experts", says Olli Niemelä, main user for Congrid at Bonava and Tom Helenius, Site Manager at Bonava.

More information:

Ilpo Peltonen, head of production, Bonava Finland, (+358) 10 400 2000

Joanna Linnermo-Kumpuoja, communications manager, Bonava Finland, (+ 358) 10 400 2778, 

Timo Makkonen, CEO, Congrid, (+358) 44 716 7200, 

Saku Vuori, Customer Success Specialist, (+358) 44 716 7204,