Congrid and Carinafour collaborate to improve customer value

December 16, 2020 Congrid safety, construction, congrid, quality, press release, digitalization, collaboration, technology

Congrid and Carinafour will be working in increasingly close collaboration. Soon, an API will enable Congrid’s software that focuses on construction quality and safety to interact with Carinafour’s CALS software. 

The goal of the collaboration is to increase customer value by improving the user experience and enabling enabling quality management down to the level of Bill-Of-Materials (BOM).

The lack of situational awareness in material management is one of the most significant issues in the construction industry, causing up-to-date material level information not to be available. Forecasting and planning are hampered by the lack of real-time information to use as basis for making decisions. Thanks to this collaboration, it is possible to have situational awareness of material flows. For the first time, quality data can also be directly identified with an individual part or component and quality management can be expanded upstream in the construction industry.

“We want to provide construction sites high-quality situational awareness regarding material flows. Quality data related to materials is an important part of this and our collaboration brings us one step closer to a managed construction site process,” says Ari ViitanenChief operating officer of Carinafour.

“Observing quality deviations and reacting to them immediately enables continuous learning and improving the construction site process. This collaboration lays the foundation for monitoring construction site quality deviations down to the level of Bill-Of-Materials”, says Timo Makkonen, CEO of Congrid.

The collaboration between Congrid and Carinafour is a considerable improvement to the user experience at construction sites. The solution enables monitoring and managing Bill-Of-Materials specific deviations by identifying quality data with an individual component. An API interface also removes the need to enter the basic information of the site to many different pieces of software. 

More information:

Timo Makkonen, CEO, Congrid, (+358) 44 716 7200,

Ari Viitanen, Chief operating officer, Carinafour, (+358) 40 827 2769,