Congrid is Länsimetro's quality and safety solution provider

March 11, 2019 Congrid construction, congrid, press release, collaboration, customer, technology

Länsimetro (West Metro) chose Congrid as their partner in Matinkylä-Kivenlahti section.
The solution enables Länsimetro to take care of their quality, safety and defect handling on site and monitor the big picture at the office. The solution provides an easy-to-use way to integrate all site functions with the software into a single entity.

“In the second phase of the Länsimetro, we built five stations, 14-kilometre rail lines and an underground metro depot. One station is the equivalent of a shopping mall in size, although underground. We need solutions to manage and monitor the whole entity. For sites, Congrid works well," comments Länsimetro’s Construction Director Tero Palmu.

In cooperation Länsimetro can monitor the quality and safety indicators of the different stages of the construction project in real time.
"We want to help this project and its people reach the set goals. We are very pleased with this opportunity and the confidence we have gained from the Länsimetro", says Congrid Sales Manager Oskar Smeds.
In a project of this size, information cannot be fragmented in many places.

“We believe that Congrid offers new opportunities to lead project with data and deploy our software to the hands of hundreds of professionals. We expect great results," Smeds continues.


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Oskar Smeds, Sales Manager, Congrid, (+358) 50 570 0934,