Congrid welcomes a customer-oriented sales professional to boost Swedish growth

August 15, 2019 Congrid congrid, culture, press release, careers

Andrej Silverörn has been appointed Sales Manager at Congrid Sweden. 

Silverörn is responsible for customer-oriented sales and development of the Swedish sales organization. Silverörn has over 35 years of experience in sales. He has worked in the B2B and B2C sectors in a variety of industries.

Congrid’s cloud-based software provides a single platform for handling quality and safety management on any construction project. This reduces quality costs, improves safety and maximizes site productivity. 

Prior to joining Congrid, Silverörn worked as a sales manager for the roofing company Elite. Silverörn is also known as the founder and owner of Close, Sweden's leading professional network. Close organizes networking events for Swedish executives and entrepreneurs and helps them significantly improve their business skills. 

Andrej Silverörn has undergone NLP training in Coach2Coach 2005 and is a certified personal coach in sales, discussion therapy, customer service as well as trainer and coach in sports.

Congrid has recently made significant strides in its internationalization. This year, the company expanded its operations to Sweden and the United Kingdom. Congrid’s software is already used by almost all major developers, construction companies, contractors and their subcontractors in the Nordic countries.

2019 is a year of international growth for Congrid, says Timo Makkonen, CEO of the company.

“Andrej is strengthening our international growth. He brings to Congrid solid business expertise from a variety of industries and positions. He has experience in demanding business roles and of earnings-oriented work. ”

Silverörn emphasizes new skills and thinking as a growth enabler. He wants to make Congrid an integral part of the Swedish construction industry and put digitalization at the center of quality and safety management.

“I think it's great to start growing a construction software company into a world-class success story. Congrid already has strong evidence of major construction projects. At Congrid, we want to think in a whole new way about openness, cooperation and quality”, says Silverörn.

More information: 

Timo Makkonen, CEO, Congrid, (+358) 447167 200,

Andrej Silverörn, Sales Manager, Congrid, (+46) 70 667 3600,