Does the construction industry dare to change?

November 7, 2019 Congrid safety, construction, congrid, quality, digitalization

If you are becoming frustrated at the construction industry's slowness in adopting digital solutions, we hear you. Although the industry has plenty to say about the need for change, construction remains one of the least digitalised industries.

By using digital solutions to manage construction quality and safety, you will not only increase productivity and profitability at the construction site, but also move your construction culture towards collaboration and transparency. In addition, work will become more meaningful without silos, unnecessary repetition or data loss.

“Openness and transparency are the keys to successful safety and quality processes”

-Worksite engineer

Our solution introduces a single platform for handling all quality and safety management in construction projects. It enhances how information is documented and shared between project workers, and helps to maximise site productivity.

With centralised project communication, anyone from anywhere can access our software without having to move between the construction site and office to obtain the required information. All the required project information is in your hands, making your work transparent. The entire industry needs to understand why and how the business must digitalise, and decide to change in order to get results.

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