Congrid is involved in forming a more modern construction industry at the LCI-days

June 3, 2019 Congrid safety, digitalization, quality, press release, construction

Since Congrid is a key player in the modernization of the construction industry, we are participating in the LCI days for the third time. The event is about lean construction for construction professionals and is organized by LCI Finland and RIL. 

The main focus this year is the change in the culture of the construction sector towards better performance and co-development. The three-day event will take place from June 3rd to June 5th, 2019 near Helsinki-Vantaa Airport at Hotel Hilton Airport. The speakers at the event will be industry leaders from around the world and Finland, such as Jessica Kelley of Southland Industry, Digby Christian of Sutter Health, Topi Laine CEO at Fira Oy, Juhani Nummi Strategy and Development Director of YIT, Ville Saksi CEO of Länsimetro, and Tuomas Särkilahti CEO of Skanska.

Our mission is to improve the quality of construction. This is done by a shift within the construction quality thinking and cultural change towards co-operation, continuous improvement and minimization of waste.

Our software enables companies and organizations of different sizes in the construction industry to monitor the quality of their work sites in a clear manner. Disclosure of discrepancies, checks and approvals is made available to the parties in a transparent manner. Knowledge management and learning is possible when decision-making is based on data gathered from multiple projects in a unified manner.

We believe that the culture and requirements of building quality and productivity should develop towards the same high level that has already been achieved in safety. We want to improve the safety, quality and productivity of construction sites, because it is not only in the interest of the entire industry, but also in the interest of the companies and customers. These measures will ensure competitiveness now, and in the future, and bring real added value to customers.

Welcome to meet us and exchange thoughts with our team at stand number 9!

Congrid LCI-day location