A desire for quality drove me to be at the position I am at today

April 17, 2019 Daniel Hunt Congrid, digitalization, quality, construction industry, construction, technology

Before entering the construction industry, I never really thought much about what went on at construction sites. Sure, I did have the occasional chit chat with family, friends and colleagues about the occasional new development that is simply stunning or had been built and already looked like it was falling apart. 

Every now and again, the conversation would include negative comments, and questions such as how in this day and age a building could have been built to such a poor standard in a first world country. 

About a month back, I read an article on the BBC about a home with 700 defects. Today, I read that the Homeowners Alliance had reported an estimate of only two-thirds of new homeowners today being happy with the way defects at their property were handled.

The thing is, the thought of a loved one, or a friend, or any hard-working person spending years of savings on a dream property only to have it fall apart in a few years worries me. And this drives me to be at the position I am in today.

My life in the construction industry 

Today, my life is immersed in the construction industry. The cutting-edge technology that’s developed, built and implemented on projects, the most recent news, all the large contractors and what they are building with who and how. You name it, there’s a good chance I know it. The industry fascinates me, and I keep on thriving to know more.

Obviously, as I’m more aware of the industry, I’m interested in hearing people’s thoughts and stories from all different walks of life. And with the recent and ongoing exposure in relation to projects completed to a sub-par standard, it really got me thinking why?

Being a part of a company like Congrid, I truly believe I can do my part (even if it is a splash in the ocean) for the industry. We are truly on a mission to transform the industry in our own way, by working closely with contractors with an aim to create snag-free builds, and a safer work environment.



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