Lean philosophy in the construction industry - the best tips from the LCI-days


On Monday, 3rd of June 2019, two Congrid employees attended a Lean philosophy training event at the LCI-Days. The goal of the day was to get to know the different areas of Lean together with other industry players. 

On the coaching day, we got important lessons from pace production, Big Room-operation and teamwork. During the day, we were able to participate in many interesting discussions with other professionals and visionaries.

Lean's fundamental principle of reducing wastage is not as simple and easy to implement in construction as it is often assumed. The implementation of the principles is not solved by just one tool or method in construction, but it requires a number of different solutions that in combination create an efficient and modern way of construction.

One important lesson of the day was that construction is still quite conservative in Finland. This means that different Lean-type solutions should be brought into operation step-by-step to allow the industry and people time to adapt to the changes they bring.

Congrid offers a solution to reduce construction waste and streamline the entire construction process step by step. It is important for us to involve all actors in the development of the industry, because we believe that the most innovative results will be achieved through cooperation and diverse perspectives.

However, the desire to change and adopt new, innovative ways of working is always about individuals. Of this, Congrid is an excellent example, because without the idea from a few people and a small team with a strong will to change, the Finnish construction industry would not be at the point it is now. As noted in the workshops on the training day, there are already effective, good and functional solutions for developing the industry. Now it is only a matter of people's willingness to change.



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