What is it like to work in the Congrid IT team?

October 2, 2018 Neea Puro congrid, culture, careers

We are soon recruiting new talent to our IT team. What is it like to work in a growing IT start-up company? In this blog post, our awesome Technical Wizard, Peter Shodeinde, shares his vision.

1. How did you end up working here and what's your background?
The interest in solving real-world challenges brought me to Congrid. Congrid offered an atmosphere where your work has a big impact on the product. At my previous employer, I worked as a Software Engineer developing CRM products for SME businesses.

2. What are the best things about working here?
The best thing about working here is that I was able to contribute immediately to the product development team. Developing a product that matters and affect our customers daily work makes it enjoyable to work here.

3.What kind of people suit the wizards team?
The team is full of experienced engineers who constantly seek new ways to improve their skills in all areas of the product. Different team member brings different ideas and experience to the team. We constantly evaluate and look for ways to improve our work in order to maximize our output.

What are challenging things in a growing IT start-up?
In a fast-growing IT start-up like this, it's important to be able to take on different roles in order to get the job done. These tasks range from understanding customers' requirements to delivering the product and services. These are all part of our daily tasks as we look to become a leader in digitalising the construction industry.