WSP chose Congrid as their tool for building documentation and inspections

May 9, 2019 Congrid safety, digitalization, quality, press release

WSP chose Congrid as their tool for construction documentation and inspections to facilitate the management of information and tasks in construction projects. The cloud-based software allows all important data to be stored in the same place and easily shared.

According to Samuli Salonen, a MSc Engineer at WSP, one of Congrid's greatest benefits is to bring unity and transparency to reporting. The results of Salonen's master's thesis on the development of the WSP Building Services Terve Talo (Healthy House) process will be utilized in development work together with Congrid.

“From the perspective of construction and inspections, we see a huge potential in Congrid's software for comprehensive management of risks and quality in construction projects. We have wanted to develop the software in this direction in cooperation with Congrid", Salonen comments.

From the point of view of documentation and quality management, it is particularly important to manage the entirety during the construction project and to record quality documentation from the different construction stages. For a number of years, building contractors have been using Congrid to manage their construction sites, and now WSP's goal is to make the most of the benefits that can be achieved through Congrid also in construction and inspection work. These benefits will be achieved especially in the management of quality and safety of the construction site, as all project partners operate openly on the Congrid platform.

“Transparency in quality management is a core principle of Congrid's software. It is rewarding to see that major players in the field, also on the developer side, share the same mindset. Collaboration with WSP shows that we have succeeded in developing our products also for the benefit of developers and inspectors. With continuous development together with our customers, we ensure that our products will continue to be the best tool for overall quality management of construction projects", says Timo Makkonen, CEO of Congrid.

More information

Timo Makkonen, CEO, Congrid,, phone +358 44 716 7200

Samuli Salonen, Construction Engineer, WSP Finland Oy,, phone +358 50 591 3842