Congrid is publishing its guide to quality, safety and communication during exceptional periods

September 3, 2020 Congrid safety, construction, communications, quality, press release, collaboration

The beginning of this decade has shown us that the situation in the whole world can change drastically in the short term, and the effects of a changing and evolving situation cannot always be accurately predicted. This is why we compiled a guide where we combined theory and practical tools to help prepare for future exceptional periods. Our guide contains expert information on the effects of the exceptional period and the challenges it poses in managing quality and safety on a construction site.
The purpose of the guide is to provide an overview of how to control quality, safety and communication during exceptional periods. In addition, a survey was conducted as the basis for the guide, and the effects described are partly based on the answers obtained. 

84% of respondents to the Congrid survey said that the use of digital tools has increased in their companies during the exceptional period. Since remote working practices are likely to be used in the construction industry in the future, too, it is crucial to identify which things can be communicated remotely. We also recommend critically reviewing the number of applications and software used for accessing information remotely to keep the information in one place.

We found that if an exceptional period doesn’t change the requirements of the project, the quality and safety management should not change during exceptional circumstances. We emphasise that in maintaining quality and safety management, construction sites should remain at least at the same level as during normal times and plan processes sufficiently in advance to be as sustainable as possible. 

We cannot plan or know everything in advance, but careful preparation creates the conditions for a successful outcome. Download the free guide and read more.

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