Derigo and Congrid begin cooperation with Pohjola Rakennus to accelerate digitalization and transparency in the construction industry

October 2, 2020 Congrid safety, congrid, quality, press release, digitalization, collaboration, customer, technology

Pohjola Rakennus has selected Derigo and Congrid as their quality and safety management partners. 

In future, all the most central data and indicators of Pohjola Rakennus projects will be available via one reporting and monitoring tool.

Construction projects usually contain hundreds of small and large tasks. Finishing them requires good design skills and tools.

Derigo’s Pro3 project management software and the open interfaces of the Congrid system enabled the creation of a reporting view for Pohjola Rakennus, allowing real-time data to be transported from worksites to senior management. The key benefits for all this have included transparency, more effective safety management, and cost savings.

“This solution gave our project management a clear, user friendly reporting tool. The user can easily understand how the process goes, as the system contains up-to-date data to support them. In this case, the work has always followed the process and been effective. The new system has been a huge developmental step for us and continues to make our daily work considerably easier”, says Tomi Jukola, the CPO of Pohjola Rakennus. Pohjola Rakennus designs and builds over 2000 homes a year.

Derigo aims to increase digitalization at worksites by delivering the customers ready-to-use models and solutions for data-based management in project operations. As data flows improve, decision-making will always be based on up-to-date data. 

“This new cooperation forms a concrete example of utilizing digitalization in the construction sector in a way that combines a good end-user experience and the utilization of accumulated data. This cooperation is then used to create automatic business data views, so that data only needs to be entered once”, says Derigo Oy’s CEO Jukka Vornanen.

“Cooperation concretizes the possibilities of platform economy in the construction industry. We remove silos between the systems and bring data from the field to form transparent support for leadership”, says CEO Timo Makkonen from Congrid. The goal of the corporation is helping the construction field transform towards quality and safety-oriented culture, encouraging different parties towards closer cooperation.

More information:

Jukka Vornanen, CEO, Derigo, (+358 ) 400 265 242,

Timo Makkonen, CEO, Congrid, (+358) 44 716 7200,

Tomi Jukola, CPO, Pohjola Rakennus, (+358) 40 546 8322,