Congrid to collaborate with eGate Smart Building Innovation - "This is only the beginning"

July 1, 2019 Congrid congrid, quality, press release

Finnish companies Congrid and eGate Smart Building Innovation have agreed to co-operate in June 2019. This collaboration is the first step for Congrid towards using the Internet of Things (IoT) as part of the quality assurance for construction sites.

“I can assure you that this is only the beginning. Our goal is that our customers will be able to use the various technologies available on building sites as an integrated part of the Congrid system”, says Timo Makkonen, CEO of Congrid.

Congrid has developed a digital platform for managing and controlling the quality and safety of construction sites. The system is widely used on construction sites in the Nordics.

eGate Smart Building Innovation enables real-time, wireless-based surveillance of the condition of structures and air on the construction site and buildings in use. With the help of eGate, the builder can monitor, for example, the temperature and drying of concrete with remote devices. Owing to accurate information, the workstation can schedule the next steps reliably.

“Collaboration enables Congrid's customers to read the condition information of a construction site or building straight in Congrid, ie the same location as other project documents and information,” says Jarkko Haukijärvi, CEO of eGate.

Internet of Things (IoT) means that physical devices are connected by sensors and probes to the network. More and more sites already have sensors measuring the conditions of the site. Last year, Congrid implemented the Digital Concreting Protocol as a KIRA project by the Ministry of the Environment, which complements the overall quality assurance of construction.

“Cooperation with eGate is a natural continuum. Sensor information complements the Concreting Protocol and Congrid's Quality Management Package. Our job is to provide the builder with a good, stress-free night's sleep”, says Makkonen.

More information:

Timo Makkonen, CEO, Congrid,, phone +358 44 716 7200

Jarkko Haukijärvi, CEO, eGate Smart Building Innovation Oy,, phone +358 44 5833410