Congrid to showcase in Nordbygg - Stand AG: 27

April 20, 2022 Congrid congrid, event, press release

More than 10,000 active users – and still growing day by day! Founded in 2013 by construction site managers, Congrid has grown to become the market leader in Finland and is widely appreciated across the industry.
The solution works both online and offline and is targeted for all construction phases to be used in office and on site. It’s widely used by main contractors, overseers, developers, property developer consultants and subcontractors.
“Congrid gives me a great overview of all projects and simplifies the process of following up on progress and keeping track of documentation. Digitized construction plans and photos make it easier for everyone involved to discover any possible errors or risks", says Krister Myckelberg, Established Methodology Specialist at WSP Management.
Meet Congrid at stand AG: 27 at Nordbygg (Stockholm, April 26 - 29, 2022)
At Congrid’s stand, Andrej Silverörn, Sales Manager at Congrid, and his colleagues share all their knowledge about how digitized quality and safety processes can simplify the daily workload on construction sites. Furthermore, you can discover all the innovative new features that has recently been added to the solution, by testing out the software. You will also be able to experience new technology and win great prizes at the stand as well as experience an enticing program during the days of the fair.
"For almost a decade we have been involved in digitizing hundreds of companies regarding safety and quality processes. This is a great indication that we can contribute with a great sense of knowledge within an area that few other competitors can match."
- Andrej Silverörn - Sales Manager, Congrid
Quality and Safety within one solution!
Congrid's software both clarifies and streamlines the previous manual process concerning safety and quality management. Through 2D drawings available directly in the mobile phone or computer, one can easily both mark and detect errors as well as describe proposed measures during the construction projects. Since everybody involved in the project, such as site managers, project managers, C-level directors and customers, can follow the construction projects in real time online, the efficiency is significantly increased, and the documentation automatically established, instead of being poorly handled at the end of the project.
"Our customers appreciate the increased transparency in the process, which contributes to less misunderstandings and quicker lead times," says Andrej. He continues, "Our great success is based on the fact, that our tool has been developed together with our customers investigating and solving their true 'pain points'. Compared to similar tools, we are the only available solution today combining both quality- and safety management within one single solution. In addition, we support our customers all the way throughout the project.”