Microsoft Turbopump 2017 - first batch

August 7, 2017 Matti Huusko congrid, event

 2017 is a significant year for Finland because a hundred years ago Finland got independent. 

The program of Finland’s centenary celebration has included plenty of events and celebrations. Among these events Microsoft has launched a new accelerator program called Turbopump. It is a brand new program for startup companies that are registered in Finland. Congrid team is very delighted to be one of the 18 companies that are selected for the first batch of the programme.


Turbopump’s main idea is to develop strategy, sales, partnering, funding and exploit talent.


At this point in time, Congrid’s main goal is to grow the company and enter new markets. Therefore, Turbopump’s timing fits perfectly with our goals and strategy.


Life in a start-up company may be hectic at times; new issues and tasks appear constantly.

When quick decisions must be made, the scope of consideration decreases. Turbopump offers us a valuable opportunity to improve and refine our market strategy with experienced professionals.


We thank Microsoft for launching Turbopump. It is an incredibly great opportunity for start-up companies and it already has established some large companies in finding new ways of working together. With its example, Microsoft has showed a way for a bigger phenomenon. In today’s world, we believe in collaboration.

More info about the program.